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Wood & Multifuel Stove Installation Specialists, Chorley

Why Choose a Wood burning / multifuel appliance?

The time has never been better to have a wood burner or multifuel appliance installed.

E.U. directives are pushing it’s European members to fulfill their green quotas towards a more sustainable energy source.

In the borough of Chorley, the local authority has already outlined a plan concerning the burning of fossil fuels such as bituminous coal in residential homes. The aim of this plan is to reduce all consumption of these fossil fuels by 2016, making wood based fuels the number one residential fuel commodity.

Wood is widely regarded as being carbon friendly or more precisely carbon neutral, the idea being, that the output of carbon dioxide produced from burning wood is readily absorbed by surrounding trees, this in turn has a lessening impact on the “environ-sphere” than would burning fossil fuels.

What we Offer.

Here at Flame On Stoves, Liners and Fire Surrounds, we offer a full range of services. Whether it’s out with the old and in with the new, full or partial installations then look no further.

You may feel that your existing woodburner/ multifuel appliance is looking old or worn, then we can replace your old burner and fit you a new one, it really is that easy.

Or you may not have an existing appliance and would like one fitted. No problem, our in-house installation team FLAME ON will outfit your property with the appliance of your choosing to BS 8303.

Some customer’s think that they can’t have a wood burning/ multifuel appliance because they don’t possess a chimney, well think again. Using patented factory made systems such as 'Twin Wall' it is possible to have a wood burner/ multifuel stove system installed within a property that has no chimney (class 1) system. Let Flame On - Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds design the perfect twin wall system and you'll soon see why we are the Wood Stove Installation Specialists, Chorley

The photograph on the left shows a typical 'Twin Wall' system exiting through an exterior wall. This type of system is advantageous if a an existing class 1 chimney is not present.

This photograph shows that the 'Twin Wall' system can even exit through previously unthought of materials, in this case the Poly-Carbonate roof of a conservatory.

Fireplaces made and installed.

We can manufacture your fireplace to the highest specification making it ergonomically practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Flame On have unique access to trained stone masons, that can turn your ideas of that dream fire place, hearth or surround into reality.

Bespoke, Vintage and Contemporary Designs Available

Whatever your preference, whatever your budget, Whether it's that cottage 'Oldly Worldly' appearance or the impressive granduer of a sleek modern styling or something a little quirky then we can accomodate your ideas and tastes, putting them into practice.

Fireplace Augmentation.

Sometimes a new appliance will require a larger recess or 'builder's opening'. Our installers are trained to knock out the original opening to make it larger to accommodate the appliance. That being said, on occasion, the original opening will require to be made smaller, especially if you decide to downsize your appliance, this can also be achieved by our installers.

The Devil's in the Detail.

Here at Flame On Stoves, Liners and Fire Surrounds, we pride ourselves on giving a high degree of workmanship to our customers, whatever finishes are needed then we will do.

If the fitting you require needs those extra little details, then our expert tradesmen will be able to fulfill them, from tiling, plastering, brickwork or paving, Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds Offer the complete package.

YOU the customer are in control of the installation design, make it truly yours, make it truly unique, make it truly your own.

WE are here to help and to advise and will be with you every step of the way from design and installation, right through to completion and beyond, with an aftercare program second to none.

ALL of our installers are HETAS registered so you can be confident of a job well done and all of our components are graded to BS 1251.

ALL installations meet BS 8303 specifications and fall well within the recommendations and specification as set out by HETAS and the building regulations. 

So why not contact one of our friendly team here at Flame On - Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds, they will be more than happy to answer your questions regarding your installation and you will see what makes us one of Chorley's Wood Stove & Multifuel Appliance Installation Specialists, Serving Chorley, Lancashire And Beyond. 

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