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Whatever internal finish you decide upon, we can accommodate, whether it's the original internal bricks cleaned up to your specification, rendered or just plain fire boarded out then we can supply and fit them.

There are even pre-built chambers that need only a little tweaking here and there to give a truly bespoke finish to any project.


We have access to very skilled masons that can design and manufacture your fireplace for you, bringing natural beauty and elegance to your living flame appliance. 

The Highland - with an impressive profile, large mantle and striking overall appearance. Have this from as little as £900

The Round - a design with attractive deep mouldings and clean lines with a choice of either straight legs or angled leg as shown here. Have this commissioned from as little as £470

The Plinth - a sumptuously proportioned surround with your choice of added chimney cladding or a stand alone surround. Have this hand crafted to your specification from as little as £980

The Balton - a stylish carved surround to compliment any room. Hand finished from as little as £900

The Jersey - a truly stylish surround, with extensive carved detail. Prices for this elegant design start from as little as £1500

The Grange - a very popular example of Gothic design. This extremely sought example starts from as little as £500

The Keystone - a classic design with roots in Medieval architecture, which features a pointed arch with a keystone at it's apex. This hand crafted design starts from as little as £535

The Apex - a simple yet stylish design which incorporates centuries old pyramid-based concepts. This has a high quality finish and starts from as little as £670

The Balmon - a popular sleek design with enclosed detail. This minimalistic ultra contemporary model starts from as little as £790

The Orchard - a substantial Baroque design, which offers a sense of drama and opulence. This hand crafted, hand finished design starts from as little as £970

The Dawn - a contemporary design with clean lines that imparts a sense of simplicity and calm. This opaque hand finished stone surround starts from as little as £400

The Arch - a design with roots in ancient Roman architecture, featuring an attractive bull nose moulding. This attractive commission starts from as little as £490

The Square - With it's modern understated profile, perfect for smaller rooms. This post contemporary design starts from as little as £600

This elegant period design includes a classic enclosed detail, finished to a high specification. From as little as £800.


There are a myriad of options when choosing an hearth. Does one decide upon practicality over simplicity? Do you choose a style to harmonise the setting? Will the appliance dictate just what hearth you need? Then you have what colour? What size? How thick? These are questions that do need agreeing upon before the installation of the appliance. Below are a selection of hearths that may give you a more informed choice.

Brick Hearths.

This photo shows what may be accomplished from using bricks to form a stepped hearth. This is great if your after the rustic, antique look.

Again another photo showing how bricks are used to very great effect to form the mainstay of this hearth.

Paved Hearths.

Glass Hearths.

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