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Professional Chimney Power Sweeping Services

Why power sweep? The age of twisting Bailey rods together and attaching coarse, stiff brush heads to the ends of these rods is well and truly over. In the past, chimney sweeps have had to rely on this method to clean traditional and proprietary lined chimney systems. This type of method is still used extensively, even today, by chimney sweeps TODAY.

Flame On - Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds offer power sweeping at it's best, totally unique, totally modern, totally 100% efficient compared with the outdated, old fashioned method as described above. Gone is the labour intensive, inefficient method that requires a lot of elbow grease. Gone is the sooty mess made from sweeping the traditional way. Flame On - Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds uses the very best industry approved chimney sweeping system that is on the market. Power sweeping has never been easier, never been quicker, never been cleaner and has never been more efficient. Normal chimney sweeping brushes are less efficient compared to power sweeping brushes, this is because traditional brush heads miss most of the sides and only really come into their own when they are pushed into the corners. Power sweeping as the name suggests is a lot more powerful and effective at cleaning BOTH the sides and the corners.

The process of power sweeping makes the patented head technology expand via centrifugal force to suit the flue that is being swept. This same process keeps the brush head resolute and centered within the flue system. The power of the sweep comes from a drill. It is this drill that enables the sweep's intensity and force to be manipulated to suit the flue conditions. When the force of the sweep is intensified via the speed of the drill, the stiffer the brushing action, this in turn allows more flexibility to give a truly outstanding cleaning action, with incredible end results.

The main benefits of have your flue system power swept are;

  • Prevents house and chimney fires.
  • Lowers the risk of dangerous fumes, such as Carbon Monoxide.
  • To assist in the efficient burning of fuel.
  • To prolong the life of your chimney / flue system.
  • Reduces the strain placed upon the internal chimney structure / flue system whereas traditional sweeping may loosen bricks are rupture the integrity of steel classed liners.
  • The sweeping process is done quicker.
  • The sweeping process produces less mess than traditional sweeping methods.

The following photographs show before and after shots of flue systems that have been power swept using the Rodtech patented system.

As can be seen from these photos, an excessive build up of non-combustible particulates have severely reduced these flue's capacities to operate safely. If left unchecked there would be a very real possibility that the flues would close up completely causing serious injury or mortality.

The after photos show just what kind of results you can expect from having your flue / chimney power swept using the Rodtech sweeping system - the only industry approved power sweeping system.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding power sweeping;

To see why you should have your chimney/flue system swept, tested and inspected please click on the link below

Q. What is power sweeping?         A. Well as the name may suggest it is more forceful than traditional sweeping methods such as screw locking Bailey rods. Using cutting edge technology developed by Rodtech™ it is now possible to sweep the full length of a chimney/flue system, with results that have to be seen to be believed.

Q. How does power sweeping work?       A. Power sweeping works by using centrifugal force. This force is introduced via a drill, the drill turns sections of inter clipped polymer rods. The rods are sent up a chimney/flue system using drill power - the faster the drill speed the more intense and accurate the power cleaning action of the patented cleaning head.

Q. Why use power sweeping?               A. Power sweeping has been independently researched to give the best sweeping results possible. Traditional methods are arduous, inefficient, messy and the results are patchy at best especially when compared with modern power sweeping methods.

Also with power sweeping, because of the patented head technology, it is possible to clean ALL of your chimney/flue system. The brushing head of a power sweeper adapts to the shape and size of the chimney/flue section that it’s cleaning, thus enabling the brush to clean all of the surfaces that it comes into contact with. It CAN clean all the internal surfaces of a chimney cowl even if it is fitted with a bird proof cage without the need to manually remove it.

Power sweeping has many positives over traditional sweeping

It can help prevent chimney/house fires

Lowers the risk of dangerous fumes coming into the dwelling

Assists in the efficient burning of fuel

Prolongs the life of the flue system

Is less abrasive on the internal surfaces of the chimney/flue system

Is cleaner


More efficient

Q. Will power sweeping harm or damage my chimney/flue system?               A. The concept of power sweeping is to clean more efficiently, more cleanly but without putting unnecessary stress upon the chimney/flue system. Traditional sweeping methods can dislodge loose bricks, loosen mortar and even damage steel lined systems. Because the cleaning wires on a Rodtech™ power sweeping head never actually splay out horizontally, they can never make contact with mortar joints or folds within steel lined flues. This means that although the system is being POWER swept it is being POWER swept GENTLY.

Q. What sets apart the Rodtech™ system with other similar sweeping systems?              A. Rodtech™ have set the bar high on this one. They are the only industry recognised power sweeping system in use by professional chimney sweeping organisations such as 

NACS (National Association Of Chimney Sweeps)

A1 Flue Systems


Chiminees Poujoulat

Lagan Brick

SFL Flues & Chimneys


They are a multi award winning company and supply 98% of all of Sweden’s chimney sweeps and have supply contracts all over the world, as far a field as The Sudan, Israel, Australia, America etc..

Their innovative design means there is less chance of the sweeping apparatus breaking whilst in the flue. Where there were weaknesses found in traditional sweeping methods, Rodtech™ totally redesigned the concept that just cannot be bettered by lesser, similar looking cheaper products that can be found on the internet.

To see the benefits of having your chimney system power swept using the industry approved system please click on the following link

Rodtech approved chimney power sweeping, the only industry recognised method servicing Chorley and surrounding areas.

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