Specialist Installers Of Wood Burning, Multi-Fuel Stoves & Industry Approved Power Sweeping.

Flame On - Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds.

Specialist Installers Of Wood Burning,  Multi-Fuel Stoves & Industry Approved Power Sweeping. 

Terms & Conditions.

  1. All products and components listed on this site are for illustrative purposes only, with a view to giving you the customer a more informed choice. The products and components you receive may differ slightly than the ones advertised on this site due to regional variation, commodities and suppliers.  Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds accept no liability for any changes made by any manufacturer or vendor used.
  2. All products and components supplied to the customer, either directly, through a supplier or third person vendor, remain the property of Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds until all outstanding balances and payments are completed in full by you the customer on behalf of Flame On, Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds.
  3. A certificate of guarantee for all works completed by Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds  will only be issued by Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds when ALL outstanding monies are settled upon by you the customer.
  4. A free survey is deemed by Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds, to be no more than 30 minutes in duration and be within the confined radius of not more than 10 miles of PR7 5BB. Costs may be incurred if the survey goes above the 30 minute duration and if there is excessive travelling involved. These costs will be 100% reimbursed, if you the customer agree to have the work done by Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds.
  5. Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds cannot be held responsible for delays within the agreed timed schedule of work caused by unforeseen structural problems, extra works that have to be undertaken, inclement weather or supply problems.
  6. Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds will always liaise with you the customer before undertaking any extra works in accordance with the original working agreement. Work will only continue if you the customer are in full agreement thereof.
  7. All work must be paid for in full on the day of completion, unless otherwise agreed with Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds.
  8. All prices quoted DO NOT INCLUDE THE PRICE OF THE STOVE unless otherwise stated by Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds.
  9. All work is guaranteed for a term of 6 months from the completed installation date. Extra cover can be taken out with Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds.
  10. A minimum of 3 days notice is required for cancellations, or a surcharge may be applied by  Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds for restocking of  the components that have been ordered for installation.
  11. All breakable items must be removed from the room  and/or rooms where the work is to be carried out, this includes curtains, drapes, blinds, wall hangings. Light fittings should be covered also.
  12. All carpets should be removed or covered by the customer in the room and or rooms where work will be done as Flame On  Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds accept no responsibility for damage or staining as a direct result of the installation/cleaning process.
  13. Prices quoted are an estimate only, and Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds try to do all work within the price quoted, any extra work will be explained and discussed with you the customer before extra work is undertaken.
  14. Any extra work NOT covered by the estimate but requested by the customer  will be undertaken at the same time as the original work agreed upon. If this is not possible, then a date and price for this extra work will be given separately.
  15. If work previous to the customer's specification takes longer than quoted for, then Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds will notify you the customer and make a new date for work to recommence. UNFORTUNATELY THIS MAY BE AT SHORT NOTICE.
  16. Any complaints will be attended to as soon as possible.
  17. All materials remain the property of Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds until paid in full.
  18. It is the customer's responsibility to check with their local authority/council to see if they fall within a smoke controlled area before the fire is installed.
  19. PLEASE BE AWARE : any property built before OCTOBER 2008 and wanting an appliance greater than 5 kw will need a core vent to allow free passage of air to the appliance for every 1 kw that the said appliance produces . Any property built after OCTOBER 2008 will need a core vent regardless of the kw output of the said appliance. A CO alarm must be fitted. If the property is to be LET OUT by a landlord then a smoke alarm and CO alarm must be fitted at the installation address.
  20. PLEASE BE AWARE : that Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds require, that prior to a site survey all existing gas/electric fires are decommissioned and removed so as to facilitate a thorough investigation of the existing chimney  cavity and surrounding area. Failure by the customer to do this may result in a survey carried out by Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds to be based upon assumptions of similar buildings that may not be entirely accurate and  Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds can accept no responsibility for this.
  21. It is the customer's responsibility to have all gas/electric appliances decommissioned safely by competently registered persons. Where applicable  Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds will require a copy of the decommissioning certificate.
  22. PLEASE BE AWARE : Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds are not professional plasterers, this service is offered free of charge, we will endeavour to complete the installation plastering to a satisfactory standard of finish. We can arrange for OUR professional plasterer to complete the finishes as required, but this will incur extra cost and will be solely dependent upon THEIR availability. Alternatively, the customer is free to organise their own plasterer in due course.
  23. Please check your estimate carefully to make sure everything is what you have requested, if you are not in full agreement with any part of the estimate, then please contact Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds to amend any changes.
  24. Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds accept the following payment methods. CASH, INSTANT BANK TRANSFER and CHEQUE. Please note that if paying by CHEQUE   Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds require the CHEQUE to be made out to  Flame On, and be sent a full 14 working days prior to the commencement of work to the registered company address. This is to  allow time for the funds to clear before work begins. 
  25. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that your neighbours are in full agreement with any and all parts of the installation thereof, namely of any flue that may be in their view or may be affected by smoke produced from your installation. Failure to inform your neighbours may result in action taken by your local authority/council.
  26. It is the customer's responsibility to remove any packaging and/or rubble from site, as Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds are unable to carry this waste in a commercial vehicle.
  27. Any estimate given will be honoured by Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds for a period of 30 days from the date given on the estimate.
  28. If you have entered any of Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds prize draws and/or competitions then please note that there may be terms and conditions that the winner will be asked to abide with. If the winning recipient cannot be contacted within a reasonable time of the prize draw date or competition end date ( Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds take 3 full weeks from the time/date of the prize draw as being reasonable) then the prize may be offered to another entrant. By accepting the prize, you the entrant are agreeing to be named as the winning entrant on either  Flame On Stoves, Liners & Fire Surrounds official website/Facebook page or both for publicity reasons and to show other entrants who the prize/competition winner is.
  29. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights or consumer entitlements .